I started developing some helper functions to enable communication between R and ArcGIS (ArcRstats) for teaching Conservation GIS at Duke with Dr. Patrick Halpin, and Jason Roberts has subsequently developed the robust Marine Geospatial Ecology Tools (Roberts, Best et al 2010).

Lead developer Jason Roberts (right), myself (left), advisor Dr. Patrick Halpin (center left) are awarded with special achievement by sole proprietor of ESRI Jack Dangermond (center right).

Screenshot of the toolbox. Each of the toolsets listed expands into many tools within.


OBIS-SEAMAP is a biodiversity portal of marine mammal, seabird and sea turtle observations

Ocean Health Index

For the Ocean Health Index, I developed the back end data infrastructure and front end visualizations for global and subcountry portals, all using open-source software (ie R) and free web services (ie Github).

portal links
Global data, website, app
Belize data, website, app
Chile data, website, app
Ecuador data, website, app
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