Welcome! As an environmental data scientist I offer services to creatively solve environmental problems with cutting edge data science technologies. Please visit my new company at EcoQuants.com.

Mission Statement

Support transparent environmental decision-making that promotes open data and analysis along with rich interactive visualizations that enable users high level views of complex problems as well as deep dives into underpinnings.

Environmental Data Science as a Venn diagram representing the intersection of programming, statistics, and disciplinary expertise in environmental science.

Data Science

I am a fan of the data science process as outlined by Hadley Wickham in R for Data Science:

Usually most of the work in modeling is at the data preparation and interpretation stages, ie before and after modeling. Iā€™m an advocate of efficient data ingestion (estimated 50-80%spent on collection and preparation of data), the iterative process of exploratory data analysis and closing the gap between the starting with a question and sharing analytical results online and interactively to any audience.

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